[RSR-023] Space Camp - Overjoyed In This World Cassette Tape


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This is the Cassette Tape version in a nice 80s style design J-Card and Norelco case. The full album is on each side so no interruptions while you wait for it to flip! If you've got a boombox to blast this tape then this is the one you're after.

SPACE CAMP is a two piece experimental project from South Windsor, Connecticut. Once described as “non-denominational, non-binary hardcore,” SPACE CAMP is genreless but painfully sincere - they channel all of the trappings of hardcore, metal, and the avant-garde using keyboards, trombone, and a drum set. They write songs about survival, despair, gender dysphoria, gender euphoria, anger, and hope. The best way to understand it is to hear it.

[Ships First Class via USPS - email redscroll@gmail.com for international inquiries]